1.  企業宣伝用VTR及び平面グラフィックなどのプロデュースとデザイン、制作すること
  2.  CG「コンピューターグラフィック」のデザイン及び制作
  3. 映画、ドラム及びデジタル映像領域の各種技術サービス
  4. 音響、放映設備の技術及び設置
  5. 映像機材の販売


Filmfilm Advertising Production Co.,Ltd is the TV ADS production company.
Our main business includes:  

  1. plan, design and produce the film & TV promotion project and plane advertisement for all kinds of enterprises and organizations   
  2. plan, design and produce the multi-media computer special effects 
  3. render various technic services in the field of film &TV, audio and video technology as well as digital video   
  4. technically design, install, adjust and reconstruct acoustics and projection equipment 
  5. sales of film &TV equipment

Ever since its establishment, FILMFILM has continued to exert the advantage of its young group, and provide unique and professional services to various companies both in china and abroad with its international perspective and the concept of respecting the development based on company’s own characteristic, which has brought great success in marketing to our customers and good reputation and popularity to ourselves.

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